Tanzanite Collection stones are expensive because they are among the rarest gems on earth. Tanzanite stones are only found in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. So it is very important to understand and appreciate their value.  Why you ask? Experts approximate that Tanzanite stones will be extinct within the next 10 to 15 years.Tanzanite is about 1000 times rarer than a diamond. Hence, the demand for the precious stone is only set to increase as the supplies lessen even more. It is for these reasons that Tanzanite is an investment stone of choice.

Don't take South Atlantic Auctions' word for it. See for yourself. The proof is in the facts. Tanzanite's were first found in the late 1960's and called Blue Zoisite. The name was changed from Blue Zoisite to Tanzanite by Tiffany and Company. Because Tanzanite is a trichroic gem, there are many colors. Very few stones are trichroic and this is what makes the gem very easy to recognize. Trichroic refers to three layers of color. The more common layers are blues and purples but you may also see flashes of red, green, yellow, orange, or brown. The color that gemologist predominantly speak of is the "deep royal blue".

Keep in mind that most Tanzanite's have a distinct shift in color with different types of lighting.

Here are a few tips for purchasing a Tanzanite:
1.  It is very important to clean the stone first. Dirt and fingerprints hide its beautiful color and brilliance.
2. Inspect the stone face up against different backgrounds. If this is the case, this stone is not desirable. Next, critique the stone against a black backdrop.
3. Inspect the stone using both natural and synthetic light. Look at it under dark lighting in shaded areas as well. It is important to employ this due diligence.
4. Evaluate the side of the and look for what is called color zoning. Upon review, if
the color is uneven, the value of the stone is minimal.
5. Be certain to inspect the stone with a 10X power loupe. This will help you see the color depth in addition to any other imperfections that may be in the stone.

Purchasing Tanzanite
Hues that vary from blue to violet blue are the most expensive. Many people desire colors that look closer to a blue sapphire. Tanzanite's that have a strong purple color and look like amethyst stones are much less expensive to purchase. Be certain to always compare the price per carat when pricing Tanzanite's. If you do not compare the price per carat, it will be very hard to make a precise comparison.

Cleaning Tips
Soak your Tanzanite in lukewarm soapy water using Dawn or another liquid detergent. Rinse with water that is the same temperature and dry with a paper towel or soft cloth. You can also use Windex, or another window cleaner, but it is important to wipe immediately after spraying.
Do not expose your Tanzanite stone to sudden changes of temperature.
Do not wear your Tanzanite stone when doing any type of physical labor, or even gardening. And keep it stored in a soft cloth away from other articles of jewelry.